Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!
Today was one of my BEST days EVER!! My girls let me sleep in and then showered me in gifts I will treasure for ever. Emm gave me a bracelet and card she had made in school and Ely gave me a card and a sheet that has her hand prints on in that says "Moms little helper" and a book mark she made in school.  They sure do have creative teachers!! We spent the day together just puttering around the yard. Then I called my good friend and fellow Photographer Dallas Stickel and she came with us and took some WONDERFUL photos of my girls and I.  Thanks Dallas, they are amazing!!!
Being a "Mom" is the best job I've ever had and sometimes the hardest job. I wouldn't change a thing, I've got a wonderful husband that loves me "no matter what" and that says a lot!!! My girls are the greatest give I've ever received. I learnt from one of the BEST Mom's ever how to be a parent and she is one COOL Grandma!!!
Happy Mom's Day MOM, you're the BEST and I Love you to the Moon and Back (so do your granddaughters).

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Garage Sale Time!!!

Well My first ever Garage Sale was a Success!!!  I sold stuff I wasn't sure would sell and stuff I was sure would go I still have. However, it was FUN! My girls played outside all weekend long and are burnt out and burnt!! I'm not sure what they ate or when but they never complained and did NOT want to come in at the end of the day!!! We have some tired kids and tired adults in our house! Mothers Day is going to be a day of REST in our home!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Good Morning!!!!

I was out for a walk with the dogs  on Thursday and this fella was sitting here just a "honking" away. He sat there for quite some time letting everyone know that the day was starting.

Daddy's Girl

Almost 7 and still Daddy's little girl.  It's not often that this one falls asleep on us anymore but the other night Dad's lap just seemed to be the place for comfort!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Camo Ely

Best of Friends

Each town we've lived in Emmarsyn has easily and readily made new friends. This town is no different for her. However Ely is a bit slower to meet friends and is shy at first until she gets comfortable with people. Next to her friend Abby in GP, McKenzie is one of Ely's best friends!! We live in a great neighbourhood with lots of kids very close to the age of our girls and I know once McKenzie's family moves in these two will be next to inseparable!!!  Thanks Kim for taking these photos today. I just tweeked them a bit.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chaotic Cousins

Saturday was a bright sunny day, thankfully. At the last minute we decided to load up and head out to visit the gang at B.V. The girls have cousins on their dads side but they are far away and we don't always get to see them. They do have cousins at BV and they love to play with Zachary and Brady. From the time we arrived until way past dark/bedtime they were busy biking, running, chasing, playing with the boys. Today I have two very tired little girls. They are very lucky to have "chaotic cousins" on both sides of the family.